Tema: Pharoahe Monch (Feat. Jill Scott) - Still Standing - Lost in Amsterdam


Tema: Pharoahe Monch (Feat. Jill Scott) - Still Standing

Mai devreme am descoperit clipul acesta si deja l-am urmarit cred ca de vreo 10 ori. Melodia, eu una, o stiam de mai mult timp si tare ma bucur ca acum are si video.
Poate ca nu sunteti fani ai acestui gen de muzica, dar uitati-va doar la clip si am o curiozitate:

Ce ati invatat din el? :)

Please do not run too fast, stay off of the leavesDo not play in the grass or climb the treesYou can't breathe, let alone you get stung by beesLord Jesus, you're chest just might freeze up13 months old with a lung diseaseThat almost took my life twice, brought me to my kneesA system not designed for you to achieveRelease, squeeze, love every lies, a teacher diseaseBut I roll to the top of my class like CreamI'm like the Lakers in the 80's, so worthy I'm KareemNot MTV but my Sweet 16sMarried the mic, a love supremeI'm clear it was a miracle, the way I wetted the rhythmSpiritual looking back at it - a lyrical exorcismA half of the Afro-American dreamThe rap, or quaterback for a professional teamI'm still standing...Yeah, I'm still here! I'm still standing!
[Chorus x2]:Still standingI'm still hereStanding, yeah, still standingStill standing
I have no dead bodies to claim, never been a trigger manCrack never pedalled that, opposite of Jigga ManDoubled my expectancy, can you believe it?Look, no bullet wounds, not paraplegicStill standing like the Pledge of AllegianceMoves made, both promotional and strategicMy heart disintegrated in a million piecesListen, that's life, deal with itPress reset, download pain, write a thesisPerform for millions, Brazilian visas(I got) transcontinental indigenous divasThat speak multiple languages for unspeakable reasonsAnd still, there are places that I've never beenLike the Statue of Liberty, my knees will never bendExcept for when I'm speaking to GodIt feels like half-time, I'ma reach for the starsI'm still standing
[Chorus x2]
[Jill Scott]:Now I have seen some conflict in my lifeAnd some burdens almost broke me down once or twiceBut I learned to hold on to my faithAnd I would never change a thing that brought me here today'Cause it helped me grow, and it helped me knowWhich way to go, and which way to not goAnd I'm so grateful, I'm so gratefulI'm still... I'm still...